Feroz Pur Road, Lahore

High-Speed Diesel (HSD)

Motor Spirit (MS)

Total lubricants

Super              269.26

Diesel             271.12

Hi-Cetane      297.70

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Galaxy Filling Station

Galaxy Filling Station, a Total Parco site near Galaxy Cinema on Feroz Pur Road, Lahore, is one of the highest-selling and iconic sites in the Lahore region.

Strategically located amidst commercial areas, Mushtarka Petroleum’s Galaxy Filling Station is an ideal choice for individuals looking to refuel and address their daily needs simultaneously. This location provides visitors with the convenience of saving time by efficiently completing multiple errands in a single stop.

If you find yourself near Feroz Pur Road, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this outstanding flagship site by Mushtarka Petroleum.


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