University Road, Peshawar

High-Speed Diesel (HSD)

Motor Spirit (MS)

Total lubricants

Super              269.18

Diesel             271.04

Hi-Cetane      297.70

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Falcon Filling Station

Located on University Road, Peshawar, Falcon Filling Station has garnered numerous awards for its exceptional services. A prestigious establishment with a legacy of serving esteemed clientele, it stands out for its top-notch facilities.

In addition to its excellent fueling amenities, the station’s strategic placement amplifies its appeal. Surrounded by commercial hubs, it serves as a convenient stop for refueling and attending to various daily needs. This location not only saves time but also enables visitors to efficiently complete multiple errands in one visit.

If you’re in the vicinity of University Road in Peshawar, don’t miss the chance to visit this outstanding flagship site by Mushtarka Petroleum.

Always prioritize road safety and make responsible refueling decisions.


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