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Years of Experience
Mushtarka Petroleum Enhances Your Traveling Experience

The petrol pump facility area has been transformed into a one-stop destination for travelers, catering to all their needs in a single visit. Food and refreshments, ice-cream spots, fast food cafes, bakeries, and restaurants have become essential features of petrol pumps. Mushtarka Petroleum enhances this experience by offering high-quality food and refreshments at its “Mushtarka Restaurants,” a chain of local eateries. Additionally, Mushtarka Petroleum outlets feature modern marts based on a new vision concept, integrating contemporary cafés with a selection of branded edibles.

Cafe & Shop

our cafes and tuck shops are stocked with an extensive selection of essentials and treats.


our exceptional restaurants. Located conveniently at our petrol pump facilities


We offer a wide selection of freshly baked goods, perfect for a quick treat or a satisfying snack on the go.

Fast Food

At our fast food cafes, you can enjoy a variety of popular and freshly prepared fast food items


The Perfect Blend of Travel and Convenience