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Mushtarka Petroleum started its operations in 1988 by setting up its first Fuel station in Kamoke. Though it was a modest beginning yet it accompanied a dream full of great optimism of future success. It was always a vision of Mushtarka Petroleum to make its mark in all the sectors of the Petroleum service Industry and establishing a network of retail outlets across the country. Such an ambitious dream require innovation, perseverance and hard work to bring it to reality. Time is the witness that Mushtarka Petroleum commitment, innovative approach and untiring efforts put it on the track to success and a model for its successors. Mushtarka Petroleum first outlet soon became one of the highest selling sites in the country and won award for Shell Pakistan across Asia. Mushtarka Petroleum then started establishing its sites on all the main highways in country like Multan Road, Peshawar Road etc. Now Mushtarka Petroleum owns a network of fuel station stretched across the widths and breadths of Pakistan. Not just highway sites Mushtarka Petroleum can be located in prime locations in heart of Major Cities like, Peshawar, Lahore, and Islamabad. Mushtarka Petroleum is currently operating its fuel stations under the dealership of International and Country’s leading Oil Marketing Companies.

What we’re offering in

Our Business.

Retail Network

Mushtarka Petroleum ever growing fuel retail network comprises. fuel stations in Pakistan, with our presence spread across provinces and major cities. We are constantly expanding our network to reach more customers and provide them with the best service possible.

Bulk Fuel Supplies

Petroleum products serve as the lifeblood of countless industries. Bulk supply is preponderant part of Mushtarka Petroleum Business model. Transporter’s, trucking fleets, construction and manufacturing industries are just a few of the institutions that would grind to a halt without timely and consistent delivery of diesel fuel. Mushtarka Petroleum excels in bulk supply industry by rendering un-matched customer services with quality and quantity.

Food Industry

Petrol pump facility area is now remodeled in to a one stop destination. Travelers can meet all their needs in a single stay. Food and refreshments have become an indispensable part of Petrol Pumps. Mushtarka Petroleum offers its customers qualitative food and refreshment options at its “Mushtarka Restaurants”, a chain of Local food restaurants. There’s also Marts, Bakery’s, at Mushtarka Petroleum outlets based on new vision concept that integrate contemporary café along with branded edibles.

Providing High Quality Services is Our Motto